So, back in March or something I received requests for wing drawings and then this happened. And now, months later and at the point at which I’m so completely burnt out on everything Sherlock and wings that I don’t want to stare at this fic anymore, this has happened. 23,000 words of wing!fic oh my god what am I doing with my life.

I apologise profusely for this fic’s existence, for its dubious quality, and for the fact that it’s not even finished yet. I’ll only finish it if there is significant interest in seeing the rest; this is the first half and I’m already spinning in enormous text files full of wings and terrible AUs and I can’t even tell if this is even half worth reading anymore.

So, this fic: A Wing AU in which John lost his left wing in Afghanistan and Sherlock’s wings are mechanical. The cripple and the experiment, they probably were, and would seem an unlikely appropriate pair. Readable on LJ. 

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    So! I LOVE this story!!! Sherlock, with his oblivion and brilliant mechanical wings, is perceived as an utter MONSTER....
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    Asdfghjkl this fic oh Gawd. It’s so perfect. I love the fact that Sherlock gets described as this monstrous robotic...